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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Revitalsing older rods for a new lease of life !

Have you got some older rods lurking away in a holdall somewhere that are looking tired and weather beaten? Can't bear to part with them and would like to give them a new lease of life ?

Well look no further, if your rods are dulled with age and use but otherwise in pretty decent condition, they could well be suitable for blank re-finishing.
This can usually be done inside of a week and will amaze you at how new your older rods can be made to look.

There is no re-ringing involved here, but the whippings would be coated in the process and so benefit from more weather protection.

The example blank below is an original Daiwa Cavalier 12ft match rod (MCC212) which came onto the market in something like 1991 and was one of the first all carbon blanks produced by Daiwa that was under £100, this very same model was also the 1st carbon match rod I owned too ! So when this was brought to me for re-finishing I was a touch jealous, when I'd finished it I was drooling ! It brought back so many memories, I actually ended up buying 3 of these, having bought a 13ft, and then a 13ft mk 2 which came with Daiwa's own Dynaflo match rings ! (showing my age now)

So here it is, 4 'before' and 4 'after' pictures, and for anyone interested, with any type of rod, prices start from around £30 for feeder/match type rods and around £40 for carp rods, I can always take a look at your rod(s) and give you a very good idea of how well they should turn out. Rods with knocks/bangs with chunks out of them, well, re-finishing would hide a lot but the 'missing chunks' out of a blanks finish would still be there if it's not stripped down to the bare bones, but that's another type of rebuild altogether. . . . . . 

So . . . . .  those before shots  . . . . . . . . .

As can be seen, the blank was dull and weather worn but otherwise in pretty reasonable condition for a 25 year old rod, the after shots speak for themselves and will give this rod another 25 years of service !

Call me to discuss your needs or to make an appointment to call by:
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Monday, 2 May 2016

Daiwa Emblem Z 5000a repair and servicing shots

I had this Emblem Z dropped off the other day along with a Drennan Tench Float for a handle conversion, thought I'd post a few pic's to illustrate what can go wrong when the spool on your reel stops going up and down !

My advice if this happens or any odd behavior like it mid-session, stop using it and don't try to force the handle to turn, often the ' pawl ' gets chewed up inside and if treated early, can mean only that needs to be replaced, force it, and you'll wreck the oscillating gear it travels on  . . . . . . . . . 

As can be seen from the top two images, the end towards the far right has gotten chewed, along with some more not visible in the images, either way, it's goosed........ so a replacement shaft, along with about 5 other parts are needed that seem to have gone AWOL when the chap had a bash at it. 

But apart from that, the rest of the reel is in otherwise excellent condition. 
Did I mention that Daiwa apparently seem to turn people away that have reels around this era ? Bizarre, but true, I keep getting calls from people telling me that Daiwa and Shimano are not taking older reels in for services, no wonder I seem to be getting busier ! 

The shaft was also bent at the end, god knows how that happened . . . . . . 

Luckily for this chap, I'm a dab hand with a vice and a good eye, and straightened it back out for him, saving even more . . . . . .  

Bearings soaking after cleaning in petrol, and shaft straightened back out, it was time to order parts from Daiwa, so hopefully they'll all be in stock and the next update will be a picture of it re-assembled and looking shiny ! :)